Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 in Review - Writers who have influenced me this year

I have significantly expanded my blog reading this year, as much as my schedule allows. There are many interesting and excellent writers out there, but of all those I follow, a few stand out in terms of their influence on my own thinking and development.

Rachel Held Evans – her blog stands out as a center for healthy, open discourse about faith, gender and a variety of other topics. Rachel's blog has often been the catalyst that has spurred much of my thinking, as well as the nexus that has connected me to many other interesting writers.

From Two to One – Danielle writes about the junction of faith and feminism in her very articulate and thought-provoking style. Among her many great articles I particularly appreciate her series on modesty.

Kathy Escobar – Kathy writes from her own experience in downward mobility and challenges me to keep thinking and looking for ways to move downward myself.

Katie Axelson – I only recently discovered Katie's blog, but I find her writing articulate and her areas of interest overlap significantly with my own. I look forward to hearing more from Katie in the coming year.

Caris Adel – I've followed Caris most of this year and appreciate very much her exploration of issues of faith.

One Hand Clapping – Julie Clawson writes about social justice issues and has helped further my own thinking about what it looks like to act justly and live sustainably. She also wrote an excellent series of articles on feminism this year.

All Things Beautiful – I really like Alyssa's perspective on the world. She reminds and encourages me to look for and celebrate the beauty in life and the world around me.

I won't even attempt to suggest the best posts from each of these authors. I would encourage readers to explore their blogs for themselves and discover the great, thought-provoking writing each one offers. I look forward to reading more from each of them in 2013.

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