Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pink is the color of sensitivity

I have sensitive teeth. Does that make me a sensitive guy? In and of itself, probably not. It does mean that I have to be careful what I eat. For example, I really like grapefruit, especially fresh off the tree like we can get here in Arizona. But I have learned that my teeth are not so fond of it. If I eat very much, my teeth will hurt from the acid.

One thing I have done for years to help this problem is to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth. What I find interesting is that invariably the toothpaste for sensitive teeth comes in the pink box/tube. This is true regardless of the brand I buy. Why is that? What is it about sensitivity and the color pink? Usually we think of pink as a quintessentially feminine color and we tend to think of women as more sensitive than men, so maybe that's the connection. Does that mean that men can't be sensitive (and I'm not just talking about our teeth!)? I certainly hope not. I think that one thing my wife has in mind when she calls me an unguy is that I am more sensitive than your average male. I like to think that I am, although I admit that my sensitivity is far from perfect. But I'd rather be more sensitive to the feelings of others than be "masculine" and insensitive. If that makes me "pink," so be it. So I will continue to use my pink toothpaste with pride and celebrate my sensitivity.

By the way, I happen to think that it's okay for men to like the color pink, though you won't find me all decked out in it.

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